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Woman & Doctor


Saturday, I  went to the picnic and to the wedding anniversary party.

I want to THANK YOU for everything that you have done & advised.
When I went to the hospital picnic, I took a picture with my son. I've done that before but what was different about this is I looked great! I get emotional thinking about it. I wanted to say, whose that in the picture? I smiled and said to myself & my daughter-in-law, OMG I look so different.  In fact, I look good. She said, it's all your hard have lost a lot of weight!
Again, thanks Dr. Herbert!

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When I met Dr Herbert, I was open and honest about my past experiences and how I just wanted to take a pill to lose weight. She asked me if I were open to working with her on a program that would suit me before trying medication.

During our first meeting she asked me how much weight I wanted to lose, and I told her 30 pounds. I was a little embarrassed to say more because I did not want to set my expectations too high - I just wanted my clothes to fit again. She told me that not only was it achievable, but she saw no reason why I could not lose 50-60 pounds, which put me in the healthy range for my height.


We started slowly. I began logging my food into an app, which tracks nutritional information. I monitor my blood pressure and heart rate. I began reading books that help me understand how little tweaks in the way I think and the foods I consume will eventually make substantial changes. I watched a series on Netflix that compared two different diets given to identical twins and the effects of each on their bodies. I listened to podcasts to help me understand more about nutrition.


Every week we meet and go over the homework assigned, plus my weight, blood pressure and heart rate. We look at the app and review my meals for the week and the impact those foods have on my nutrition. Dr. Herbert will suggest how I might like to try to replace an unhealthy food item or the way it was prepared as a healthier option. There is no pressure to do things “her way.”  In fact, I am often reminded that this is My journey, so it must work for Me. 

It has been two months and I have already lost over 20 pounds. This is without pills, potions, shakes or exercise routines. I have not had to go to a specialty store or shop online for my food. I am eating, and I am eating plenty of good, healthy food. By changing my habits and understanding my relationship with food, I realize that what I put into my body is a choice. That I control those choices.


What Dr. Herbert is doing is teaching me how to rethink what, why and how I eat. Rather than be upset that I “only lost one pound” one particular week, I was asked to look at it differently – “if I lost one pound every week for a year, I’ll have lost fifty pounds.” It reminds me that the steps are small but they all matter. 

I look forward to each meeting. I appreciate the relationship I have built with Dr. Herbert and how she encourages and teaches me, while still holding me accountable. She is helping me understand that through her guidance I will be able to live a longer and healthier life.  I am not sacrificing anything in my life, I am saving it.

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