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About Me

Why Lifestyle Medicine

At one time, while practicing emergency medicine, I was also a single mom of 3 children who weighed over 300 lbs! I have lived the journey of redesigning a health profile and have learned to live at a healthy weight.
I went from a size 20 to living at a size 6.
30 years as an Emergency Medicine physician allowed me to observe and intervene in the consequences of many lifestyle choices. My desire to help people prevent health issue rather than continue to only treat them led me to become boarded in Lifestyle Medicine and work with clients committed to redesigning their health profile. 

I obtained a BA in biology from Yale University followed by an MD degree from Wake Forest School of Medicine. My residency was in Emergency Medicine at MLK/Drew in Los Angeles, CA. I left to work in South Africa, helping to develop emergency medicine protocols before returning to the United States to continue  as a physician and Medical Director of an Emergency Department. 

Having retired from Emergency Medicine I now have the privilege of participating in a client's journey of designing and achieving optimal health.

This speciality encompassed all of the necessary component that I believe are essential for sustaining success as their PRIMARY focus of treatment.

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